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          1. Excellence starts here

            AAM Operating System

            The POWER to achieve excellence.

            The key to AAM’s ability to deliver results for customers is our commitment to achieving operational excellence. This means we are operating safely, training our associates successfully and running our business efficiently with a standardized approach.

            The AAM Operating System is a world class global operating system designed to deliver operational excellence by leveraging our global standards, policies and best practices across all disciplines. This system will continue to ensure AAM is leading with improved customer satisfaction, lean production and efficient cost management. 

            AAM Operating System

            "Fundamentally, our AAM Operating System defines how we run the business." 

            -Michael K. Simonte, President, AAM


            Building a high-performance team through
            Associate Engagement | Trust | Respect 
            Accountability | Empowerment | Teamwork | Excellence


            Enterprise Alignment: Vision, Mission, Objectives | Policy Deployment | Line Side Metrics
            Core Systems: Safety | People | Quality | Environment | Delivery | Maintenance | Cost | Continuous Improvement
            Team Structures: Performance Improvement Teams | Standard Plant Management Engagement | Small Teams


            Exceeding stakeholder expectations through proactive problem solving and operational excellence. To be World-Class. To be the best.