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          1. Opportunity starts here

            Delivering POWER

            We have the POWER to move the world

            AAM delivers POWER with an unwavering commitment to quality, operational excellence and technology leadership.


            World-class quality means operating with a commitment to achieving perfection.

            Quality is the foundation of AAM's commitment to operational excellence. AAM strives for continuous improvement with the goal of delivering the best products and services to our customers and stakeholders.

            Operational Excellence

            Global footprint that brings streamlining, standardization and synergies to exceed customer expectations.

            AAM strives to provide exceptional value to our customers with an intense focus on quality, warranty, reliability, delivery, and launch support. This provides a foundation for AAM’s profitable global growth.

            Technology Leadership

            Innovative solutions that achieve requirements for safety, efficiency, performance, fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

            AAM’s innovative product, processes and systems technology, positions AAM as a leader in providing industry-first, cutting edge driveline technology to the global market for passenger car, crossover vehicle and light truck applications.